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Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 01:20:36 EET

Richard Develyn:

>Could someone please remind me whether and where I read something about
>the different phases of the Red Goddess (starting with "maiden" maybe

Cults of Prax has a table of the Seven Mothers tied to the phases of
the moon. Teelo Norri (the maiden) is the Crescent Come, Deezola is
the Empty Half, the Red Goddess is Full, Yanafal is the Full Half,
Irripi Ontor is the Crescent Go, Danfive is the Dying Moon and Jakaleel
is the Black Moon.

Vesa Lehtinen:

On Godunya

> Awright, we apparently have a different conception
>of a term "public appearance". To me it means just the like
>Brezhnev waving from the Kremlin balcony. Meeting with
>mandarins IMO is not "public".

Have you seen the Last Emperor? Take a gawk at the beginning
where the assembled Mandarins bow towards Pu Yi. That's the
Mandarin audience I was thinking of. Considering the huge
numbers present, distinctions about public and private
appearances become superfluous to me.

Me>>He has a mantle of authority similar to the Pope, the Ayatollah,
>>the Japanese Emperor, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung and
>>all the bygone Kings and Emperors. All of whom have had to make
>>public appearances in their career.

> Yes, because they at least have to _pretend_ that
>they are concerned of what the people think and rally them
>to follow his cause. Godunya does not have to care and his
>subjects do not expect him to.

If the Kralorelans do not expect Godunya to care about them
then why do they acknowlege him as their Emperor? I think
it is critically important that the Kralori have the perception
that the Emperor cares for them. He maintains the Cosmos and
all Good Things on their behalf. If he does not care, then

why bother to obey?

Simon Hibbs:

>I'm not espousing Freudian psychology, and I don't think anyone else is
>here either. However, the concept of the id, ego and superego are terms
>which are likely to be at least familiar to many people and can easily
>be refferenced in a dictionary so they're usefull for getting across an
>idea. At least, that's the interpretation I put on Sandy's comment on

All I needed to know about Freudian Id, I got from watching 'Forbidden

- --Peter Metcalfe


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