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From: Geoff Pocock (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 03:52:51 EET

Another idea for Richard You-know-who-you-are;

Why not start your campaign after the Hero warts are over, about 1700-1720.
You could even go for later, but the later you set your campaign, the lnmore
Glorantha may have changed, and the less recognizable it may be. Almost all
(maybe all, I'm not sure) of the published history concerns pre-hero wars
stuff,generally up to about 1620, and the outcome of the Hero Wars itself is
pretty cloudy. You can decide how the Hero Wars finished, to whatever extent
is necessary, and can redefine political boundaries as you want.

You still are in Glorantha, and you still have the geography, the creatures
and Elder Races, the cults, the cultures, the basic sociology and social
structure and all the other stuff. You never need fear being "Gregged", or
run the risk of published material making you to need to re-write much of
your campaign world. In addition, the PC's have huge opportunities to create
history, or at least leave their mark on it, especially if all the Heroes
are dead, or have gone missing, and the Hero Wars battles provide excellent
adventure handles.

I started a campaign set after the Hero Wars many years ago, and it worked
well. Admittedly, there was a lot less published material then, and so now
it might be hard work creating a believable and appropriate outcome to the
Hero Wars, and you as a GM still have to try and fit all the published
material into something resembling a consistent and comprehensible (to you
as the GM, obviously; the players and PC's can be in the dark) world, but it
can be well worth it, especially for people that want to play in Glorantha
but don't want to have all the "important" stuff only going on in the

Good luck

Geoff Pocock


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