Alchemical transformer

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 09:56:52 EET

Erik Sieurin:

>Well, I'll avoid breaking the rules by asking a question: I don't own
>the Dragon Pass boardgame - what the heck does the Dwarf's Alchemical
>Thingamajig do? And I do not mean exact game effects, but what it is
>supposed to do in Glorantha?

        'The Alchemical Transformer was a marvellous piece of
        equipment, built from philosopher's dreams, arcane
        apparatus, and dwarf ingenuity. Its parts were loaded
        on sturdy wagons, which were drawn by blind cave oxen,
        and it was tended by devoted human worshippers.'
                                Dragon Pass p21

It doubles the magical prowess of the unit it is stacked with (and has
been known to double the heads of a hydra). I think of it as Getafix's
automated coke dispenser.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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