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Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 07:45:59 EET

> Slow down a bit here, Sergio. Sandy & Greg have stated more than
>once that the Trolls, Elves & Dwarves were the Id, Ego & Superego. I
too >have heard it at cons. That doesn't mean I like it, or agree with
it. It means
>its a fact of life in the 'baseline' Glorantha that most of us start out
>and then modify. If you don't like/understand it, scrap it.

It also doesn't mean that these species have _only_ the one facet of
Freud's personality matrix. It could as easily mean that each of them is
very strongly dominated by the one part. In the case of trolls,
especially, who are admittedly very close to humans in many ways, I am
certain they have the other parts. They just aren't very strong, because
the base animal instincts of hunger and reproductive desire are so much
stronger in trolls.

Frederic Ferro
>Stephen once said that the Dwarves would be the "selfish Ego"
>and the Elves the Superego, but we could also interpret
>the Mostali as the neurotic Superego where the individual Self vanish.

Actually, I did not say this, merely posted a small bit from an old disk
I dug up at Chaosium. It was probably Greg (but possibly Sandy) who
actually said this.

Stephen Martin
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