Gloranthan Science, Monsters In The West

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Date: Mon 26 Jan 1998 - 21:29:17 EET

>does RW science apply to Glorantha or not? Always or only
>in some occasions? How can I know when it applies ...

Most things that happen in the RW because of science also happen in
Glorantha, but because of myth.

For instance, I believe that particles of vision are emitted from the
eye, and being light-based, they tend to return to their primal source
(the sky). Thus, the horizon appears closer than infinity, and ships
disappear when they go out to sea as if they were going over a curve.
Farsee makes these particles of vision go further, so you can see
further. This theory has been argued over in Notes from Notchet, I chose
this side because I find it amusing, and my intellectual characters tend
to promote it.

Water runs downstream because they are trying to heal the wound in the
centre of the world. They used to flow uphill, taking life-giving water
to the land. Some waves can still be seen trying to go uphill, but they
get stuck on the downstream side of stones.

So, we take real-world phenomena with scientific explanations, and
duplicate them with mythic or magical explanations in Glorantha. For the
benefit of any townies who have never seen a real rocky river, shallow
rivers with rocks in them look as if they have upstream waves hiding
downstream of the rocks due to water flowing around the rock and coming
back in on the void behind, rather like the water rushing in behind a
moving ship.

>According to the Player's Book: Genertela, the western lands are
>'dotted with dark woods and mysteries'. What would live in them?

Of course there are non-humans living there, but they stay mysterious
and hidden in their woods, because the xenophobic Malkioni would
exterminate them if they showed their faces. Or is Arlaten atypical of
westerners? It seems right to me, so it must be True. or
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