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From: Pam Carlson (carlsonp@wolfenet.com)
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 08:29:15 EET

Dan McClusky posted a nice middle ground summary of Uleria that I liked:
keep it a mystery. For at the heart of Uleria, for both the reproductive,
communicative aspects, is the mystery of union with the One. (Sorry - I'm
going Penlandan here...) As long as Ulerians stress that, I'm happy.

Also, I'm sure there are the desperate/slave/oppressed type prostitutes in
Glorantha, (just as there are oppressed and enslaved people in many
professions), but I am certain that they are not maintained by the Uleria

replying briefly to Frank -
> I might misunderstand you here but do you imply that all prostitutes are
> forced into their profession?

Not exactly, but I do maintain that, given a free choice and real
alternatives to make a comfortable living, the vast majority of women would
not choose it as a way of life. While I have not studied the issue at all,
I would bet that if you polled the prostitutes in Western Europe and North
America, you would find that they come from poorer backgrounds, have little
education, and little belief that they could do much else. You just don't
find naturally promiscuous people from comfortable (ie, middle and upper
class) backgrounds taking up prostitution for "the perks". Maybe they did
in the ancient world, but then, what other option would did these women
realistically have for a profession?

I'm not saying that this would not be the case in Glorantha, (for I think
it largely would), just that such a life is hardly the reason for existence
of the Uleria cult. Gloranthan prostitutes
may claim to be Ulerians, and even offer her worship, (for Uleria accepts
worship from everyone), but I don't think this is at all the mainstay of
the cult, or where the mysteries lie.
> Of course I can easily see this happen, but those roles seem to be taken
> in orlanthi culture (whatever that is) by voria & Chalana Arroy

I think that in Orlanthi culture (in Sartar, anyway), Uleria is involed
more as an aspect of the Great Mother/Ernlada/Voria, or as a sister of
Chalana Arroy. Only in Esrolia and Peloria would you find large temples,
priestesses and all the deep mysteries.

Uleria is to love and life as Orlanth is to Air and human organization.
Saying that the Uleria cult exists to operate establishments where people
can saunter up, drop off a few silvers and enjoy a little sex and
companionship, is equivalent to saying that Orlanthi temples are places
where any old stranger can wander up, drop off a few silvers, and make sure
the Storm Voices see that his or her fields are watered. Orlanth demands
more respect, and I think Uleria does, too.

> Teelo Nori in lunar areas.

Yes, but this is a new cult that covers a relatively small area. I think
that Uleria cult was the first to off general caregiving in many areas of

> And I'll try to look for the Harald and Maude video :)

You won't regret it!



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