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Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 07:36:59 EET

G'day all,

Glorantha Con Down Under

I had fun at GCDU over the past weekend. I enjoyed GMing all my MGF stuff
(including my new one "The Getting of Wisdom") and had a great time playing
in Jeff and Neil's "Fall of the House of Malan" (I was Malan. I fell.)
Like RQ Con Down Under two years ago, the con was marked by incredibly weird
unseasonal weather, and about 20 minutes into "Life of Moonson" we had to
clear the entire building due to a water leak setting off a fire alarm! For
a moment I thought this would be the death of the LARP, but stood amazed as
characters simply continued their wheeler-dealing, huddled outside in the
wind and rain, until the fire brigade let us back inside.

In a weekend of disturbing sights, probably the most disturbing was Andrew
Bean, sporting pigtails and in his wife's red dress, prancing about as the
Red Dancer of Power in LoM. Given that many players received their character
packs at the con, costumes for both LARPS were really good, and many
participants took scenery-chewing to new heights.

It was great seeing a lot of the usual suspects from the overseas cons
(assorted Davids, Kevin Jacklin, Sandy Petersen, Ingo, etc.), and meeting
many familiar faces from the first RQ Con Down Under at Bayswater again.
Thanks Andrew, Martin, Hugh and Peter for the weekend!

MOB's Glorantha Page - Update

As noted in Questlines II, I've just added a swag of stuff from RuneQuest
Con Down Under (1996). This includes several seminar transcripts, character
narratives from the epic LARP-freeform "Home of the Bold", and other
material I just couldn't cram into QL II ("92 pages of undiluted Gloranthan
gold", sez David Hall). So, for even more undiluted Gloranthan gold from RQ
Con DU, check out the special section at my web page:

Contents include:

   * Down Under Surfacing - MOB's impressions of RQ Con Down Under

   * Comments from the Attenders - what the punters thought

   * Con Survey - in good-fashioned RQ2 style, rounded to the nearest 5%

   * Lunar Tunes Seminar Transcript - Nick, Dave and MOB tell all about
     life in the Lunar Army

   * RQ Publishing Seminar - (probably out-of-date) tips from those
     who have

   * Free For(m) All - Australian Rules Freeforms - What HotB author
     Kevin Jacklin thought of the way we do it Down Here.

   * Home of the Bold Character Accounts - narratives from those who took
- A Tale from Tamera Threeslice [Marion Anderson]
- Harvar's Tale [Phil Anderson]
- From the words of the Wandering Priestess Featherpenny
         [Barbara Braun]
- Spensor Recollects [David Cake]
- Interview with Goram Whitefang [Robert Darvall]
- A report from the chief accountant, to Toleander Planter, Master
         of the Financier's Guild [David Dunham]
- A Report by General Lergius Cassius [Michael Hitchens]
- A Letter to Fazzur from Gordius Silverus [Dennis Hoover]
- Preliminary examination of Publicus the Punctilious [Saravan
- Magnyrd the Black's Account [Brian Pinch]
- Juliana Severus's Tale [Paula Angela Rizzuto]
- BARD COPY: Opti tells all on hero of Sartar Rebellion [Neil
- The Rising of the Storm [David Wanless]
   * Live Action Trollball - Glorantha's most exciting cultural export

   * Questlines II - the GloranthaCon Down Under fund-raiser book

Loads of stuff to have a squizz at!



PS I've also added a "Other Links" section - not Gloranthan, but the humble
beginnings of a general MOB Web Page.

>From the Notes from Nochet files:

[XXIX.89df/3442r.tuft] New titles in the Reading Room, an irregular series:
"The corellation between beard length and publication frequency at the
Nochet Temple of Lhankor Mhy, 1489-1572 ST", by Festus Longbeard.*

*Thanks to Chris, one of the players in the double-team mega-session of "The
Getting of Wisdom" for this 'un!
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