Re: atoms and elements

From: Frank Rafaelsen (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 10:48:25 EET

> From: "Vesa Lehtinen" <>
> >Do atoms exist?
> Does "Outer Atomic Explorers" ring a bell ?
> >Do RW elements exist?
> Hopefully not.

The question here is really: Do one ever get a particle that can't be
devided further? Or is it possible to divide any particle that has a
spatial existence? So wheter atoms or elements exists should be a hotly
disputed topic among the Lunar Illuminates (as it is in the RW). Of course
this uses the ancient terminology for elements and atoms (Aristotle and
Demokrit), 'cause what is commonly called an atom today is hardly an atom
in the original sense of the word.

Frank Rafaelsen
- -Homo Ludens-


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