Gloranthan Health Care

From: Frederic Ferro (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 11:22:33 EET

Nick Brooke made an very good article on Healing & Resurrection in Glorantha.

(Thank you for the precisions, I didn't see the paragraph in _River
of Cradles_. It solves many of my players'problems.
Oh, and this wasn't a quest for argument against my GM.
In fact, I'm the GM - and I have never played as a PC with RQ).

But I think the Resurrection may be too easy. The Underworld spirits
must struggle against the Healer to prevent the ritual. Every
Resurrection could be a Quest.

When you want to play a "Murder Mystery", a "Whodunnit" in Glorantha,
the victim may often come back. This may be inconvenient for a referee
(especially if she didn't predict it...).

You have three solutions :

1. the victim did not see the murderer, did not recognize
him, or have false memories (the victim saw an innocent person whom
he takes for the killer). But the mystery may be less "dramatic"
because the victim is alive.

2. there was a murder (there are obvious clues) but
the corpus delicti is nowhere to be found.

3. Use one of the Ways described in David Cake's famous
"Killing people so that they stay dead"
and recent Digests).
Except the Jraktal Blade, radical technics are often complicated
(cremation of the body, crucifixion...). It's easier to
trap or destroy the soul of the victim. If the murder was
horrible enough, the spirit could come back with a very low SANity,
or amnesia.

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