SunCounty questions

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Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 12:22:48 EET

[incidentally, I'm pausing to reflect on all the answers gratefully
received re Blank Balastor - I'll be back :-) ]

Re-reading Sun County ...

1. Can I use Garhound (which I know is outside SunCounty) as a basis for
all the other equally sized towns around.

2. Garhound has a contest, Harpoon has a harpoon, anything else
interesting in some of these Sun County towns, villages and oases (apart

from what I might find in SunCounty)? What about Haymon's gate?

3. Are there any Ducks around? They get a mention in Hector's Yellow
book but don't occur in the Encounters section.

4. That same book also talks about lions in Prax. Someone should tell
the Basmoli - I thought there weren't any lions around here anymore.

5. It looks looks like Solanthos IronPike holds court inside the Sun
Dome temple. How come people don't scream for Sanctuary as soon as
they're convicted?

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