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From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 12:25:54 EET

Jane Williams

>I was thinking more of prostitues to service female customers (who
>of course also be of either gender). In the RW these are a minority, at

>least in part because of the double standard: it's OK and encouraged
>men to have many partners, but discouraged for women. In Orlanthi
>at least, this would not be the case. The other reason for women to
>casual sex of course is because the consequences can take nine months
>long. Given reliable contraception (if we allow this for Uleria), this
>problem also vanishes. At that point I'd expect customers to be equally

>divided between the genders.

I think portraying Orlanthi society as an ideal feminist utopia is going
a bit far, but not so far that I'm realy prepared to argue the point.
I'm sure some clans are more liberal in this respect than others. I'd
tend towards a more masculine Orlanthi ethos in the 'home clan',
principaly to increase the culture shock potential when players travell
to Esrolia.

What I do know is that in Glorantha there are easily avaiblable and
reliable contraceptive drugs, herbs whatever and that there are no
sexualy transmitted diseases. You couldn't guess that this guy grew up
during the sixties, could you?

I love the idea of Uleria being a confessor cult - excelent!

"There, there now, don't wory about massacring those lunar settlers,
Uleria still loves you."



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