Malkioni Einsatzgruppen

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 12:53:35 EET

Philip Hibbs:

Me>>According to the Player's Book: Genertela, the western lands are
>>'dotted with dark woods and mysteries'. What would live in them?

>Of course there are non-humans living there, but they stay mysterious
>and hidden in their woods, because the xenophobic Malkioni would
>exterminate them if they showed their faces. Or is Arlaten atypical of
>westerners? It seems right to me, so it must be True.

Arlaten was referring to trolls who are heavily associated with
the Dark Empire and baby-eating. Do you think that he would
consider Aldryami (who lived in Brithos and who had abandoned the
Isle of Gilboch for the sake of Lady Gwelennor and allowed it to
be settled by humans) to be Krjalki? Do you think that he would
xenophobically exterminate the Mostali who have traded at Belskan
for yonks on end? The biggest colony of beastmen, according to
Elder Secrets, is in the woods right next to Tanisor and Castle
Coast. Somehow the Kings of Seshnela down through the ages have
preferred to try their hand at conquering the hapless Safelstrans
than exterminating the supposedly hideous monsters in the woods.

There's even a well known ruin of Arkhome which lies less than
100 km from the Capital of Seshnela. Despite lying within the
uzphobic lands of the Duke of Rindland, it is visited with
impunity by Uz who simply waltz downriver from Guhan. Thus I'm
pretty sure that there are dark, ugly, pugnacious, little trolls
lurking in Rindland.

I do feel that there are a lot of fay woods around in Seshnela
that were shrines in the days of the Serpent Kings that are
populated by dryads and elves. They would be slightly different
from the elves of Dragon Pass and have a lot of serpent imagery
associated with them.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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