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From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 14:04:05 EET

Nick 'Van' Brooke writes :

>> Overall events up to 1640 are pretty well documented and known, after

>> that things get much more vague in terms of dates and such.
>I'm bemused. What's your source for "events up to 1640"? All I have is
>the dodgy, parochial, partial history from "King of Sartar" -- only one

>POV, only covering Dragon Pass and the Holy Country in any detail.
>If that's "pretty well documented", I'm a Dutchman.

I'm going on the Genertela pack which has regional timelines of events,
all finishing at 1640, which is given as the default 'curerent' date.
All the information in the book is given from the perspective of a
writer in 1640.

>And if that's worth ditching a campaign for, I'm... well, I'm something

>worse than a Dutchman. (Whatever that might be).

Who said anything about ditching campaigns? Not me, anyway.

Simon 'Van' Hibbs


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