Kolating in Sartarite society

From: Kaselov-Sandberg (md24855@dredd.swipnet.se)
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 17:01:56 EET


Patrik Sandberg pops in...

Is there anyone who has any ideas or theories about how the
Sartarite kolating (shaman) fits in their tribal society as of
the 1620's?

For one thing, how many are there? I have presumed that not
every tribe among the Quivini has one. Could there be as few as
four or five for the whole of central Sartar?

Apart from their dealings with all sorts of spirits, how do they
interact with society at large? How do they make a living? Do
they have a small following dedicated to gathering their food?

Or do they perform various chores for the ordinary Orlanthis and
Ernaldings, in return receiving food and shelter? Do they teach
spirit spells to people belonging to the ordinary cults? If not,
who do they teach their magic?

What refrains people interested in such powerful stuff as ritual
magic from learning it from a Kolating in stead of their cult?
(Much cheaper in POW-cost, following standard RQ III-rules) At
least a PC Kolating in my Sartar campaign is perfectly willing
to teach all kind of spirit magic to people if they pay him
decently. Is there some kind of taboo making this impossible? Or
are people simply too afraid having any dealings with a
half-crazed Kolating? I have not come up with any satisfactory
answer to my player yet.

Is there anyone who can shed some light upon this matter? Or
just present your views on the questions I've raised?

Many thanks in advance.



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