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I have to admit, while I normally prefer high fantasy, powerful magic
to less flamboyant ideas, I find that Pete Metcalfe's idea of Godunya
as a senile old fool quite appealing. If only I thought my players
would ever visit Kralorela........


I don't know what the problem about the Hero Wars timeline is, the
ONLY official sources that contain useable data are Glorantha boxed
set and King of Sartar, and both are _very_ skimpy.As the
information in Glorantha (none of which has dates, very few accurate
names and none have any outcomes) is not particulary constraining,
and asks more questions than it answers I can't see that being a
problem. Anyhow, how are the players suppossed to stop the Elves from
attempting to Reforest Fronela? The first they'll hear about it will
be when the event takes place - and if they _stop_ it (or help it),
all the better - we don't know whether it succeeded or failed.

I assume the problem is King of Sartar - but even then it's very
skimpy on details. Other than killing the Superheros like Harrek or
Jar-Eel, or destroying the Lunar Empire early, the players cannot
come into conflict with the set timeline. As the set timeline is
exceedingly loose, with very few set events and dates, I doubt you
could have problems with it any other way. The example given was to
do with a Quest with Thanatar's Head. Even if the players ambushed
and slew Thanatar this wouldn't make a jot of difference in the
so-called official timeline of KoS - I can't remember Thanatar
playing a part at all (different problems arise if you killed Orlanth
or other major deities, but as this has never really happened in
Glornatha, I doubt your players should be the first to do it : )


Has anyone got any hard and fast rules for the Kralorelan Mysticism?


A small aside for Sandy's Saint rules. My players came up with an
intresting use for the blessing of St. Daly. One was to invoke the
blessing to instantly suceed in the resistance roll with a Sever
Spirit spell - one damn near sure fire way to kill anyone with a POW
even close to your own. Obviously this only works in Stygian lands
where Sever Spirit and Saints exist in unison. Not true for the
second use they came up with, otherwise labelled "The Malcolm Price
Answer to Illumination" where you manage to learn 1 Riddle (not so
hard), sacrifice 8 POW to get the version of Arkat as a Saint who
allows you a chance at Illumination everytime he is invoked, then
invoke him and use the blessing of St. Daly to instantly suceed : )))
Before I get flames or the type for the obvious flaws in these
schemes, I just thought that these examples of rules in play might be
of intrest to some people.

Nikk E.

Nikk Effingham

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