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Fred Ferro writes:

> I think the Resurrection may be too easy. The Underworld spirits =

> must struggle against the Healer to prevent the ritual. Every Res-
> urrection could be a Quest. =

Yep, all good points. That's probably the way these things "really"
work in Glorantha (as opposed to the RQ rules mechanics). I'm not
that bothered, myself: I assume Resurrections *won't* happen unless
I'm willing to allow the risk, and if someone dies who I want to
stay dead, they just don't come back. As (RQ rule-speak) there's a
Spirit Combat inherent in every Resurrection attempt, there's also
a chance of failure. And sometimes, it just fails...

Richard asks:

> 1. Can I use Garhound (which I know is outside Sun County) as a basis
> for all the other equally sized towns around.

If you want. Or you can use it for the next one your players go to.
Why do you need to know what *all* the towns look like, unless and
until it becomes important? The pic inside the back cover is nice,

isn't it: just change the Temples around, and use it as often as
you like! Praxian desert architecture will be much the same in all
the towns of the region... chuck in a minaret for Carmanian towns,
delete the Air Temple for non-Orlanthi ones, etc. etc.

> 2. Garhound has a contest, Harpoon has a harpoon, anything else
> interesting in some of these Sun County towns, villages and oases.

Yes. When you go there and find out what's present, do let us know!

(A general piece of Gloranthan advice: don't write a place off as
"boring" unless you have a good reason for doing so. *Anywhere* can
be made more interesting by studying its local peculiarities. Thus,

making a list of "all known local peculiarities" and declaring that
there just aren't any more interesting features in the world becomes
increasingly futile, the larger the area you attempt to cover. So,
I'm sure there are other interesting things in and around Sun County;
we just haven't gone to look at them yet)

> 3. Are there any Ducks around?

Duck pirates prey on river traffic on the Zola Fel below Sun County,
from a hidden lair somewhere in the North Bog (source: Borderlands).
They're exiles from Sartar since the Rebellion of 1613. Their leader

wears a gold eyepatch, and is called Pinfeather. Or "The Dread Pirate
Pinfeather", if you want to make friends with him. I don't think they
are found within Sun County lands: probably, being Yelmic in outlook
("They betrayed Yelm!") and pro-Lunar in sympathy, Sun Domers would
impale them with extreme prejudice if caught within their domains. I
can't imagine the Ducks liking the Sun Domers much...

> 4. [Hector's Yellow] book talks about lions in Prax. Someone should
> tell the Basmoli - I thought there weren't any lions around here any-
> more.

There are prides of lions out in the Wastes: they haven't been seen in
"inner Prax" / "Sacred Prax" (i.e. west of the River of Cradles) for
generations. Saying "Prax" when you mean "The Wastelands" is an easy
slip of the pen, especially for such a well-travelled author. Cf. the
"Basmoli Berserkers" article in Tales #14, p.16, Animal Description.

> 5. It looks looks like Solanthos IronPike holds court inside the
> Sun Dome temple. How come people don't scream for Sanctuary as soon
> as they're convicted?

The Sun Dome Temple grants sanctuary to foreigners, people fleeing the
"justice" of other societies. It doesn't grant free pardons to its own
criminal and disorderly elements. Anyone stupid enough to try invoking

Yelmic religion to save them from the decrees of a Yelmic *theocratic*
court deserves whatever nastiness the Count can think up.

Simon "Van" Hibbs, he say:

> I'm going on the Genertela pack which has regional timelines of
> events, all finishing at 1640, which is given as the default
> 'current' date. All the information in the book is given from the
> perspective of a writer in 1640.

For "1640", read "1620": *that's* why you've confused me! The idea
of a timeline up to 1640 has *some* credibility -- KoS's Composite
History of Dragon Pass goes about that far forward -- but this is
far short of a real timeline: it's limited to Dragon Pass, and to
events which reflect well on Argrath's liberating campaigns.

Nick (not Dutch)


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