Kralorelan mysticism & resurrection

From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 21:23:18 EET

Nick Effingham:

> Has anyone got any hard and fast rules for the Kralorelan Mysticism?

As a matter of fact I do, the result of a discussion
with Sandy a couple of years ago. They are coming your
way by email. I thought I'd just mention it on the
GD as well, in case anyone else need them. I also plan
on putting the rules up on my web site, but I'm short
of time right now.

Frederic Ferro:
> > I think the Resurrection may be too easy. The Underworld spirits =
> > must struggle against the Healer to prevent the ritual. Every Res-
> > urrection could be a Quest. =

Nick Brooke:

> Yep, all good points. That's probably the way these things "really"
> work in Glorantha (as opposed to the RQ rules mechanics). I'm not
> that bothered, myself: I assume Resurrections *won't* happen unless
> I'm willing to allow the risk, and if someone dies who I want to
> stay dead, they just don't come back. As (RQ rule-speak) there's a
> Spirit Combat inherent in every Resurrection attempt, there's also
> a chance of failure. And sometimes, it just fails...

For a dramatic depiction of a resurrection see the
resurrection/restoration of health scene in Conan the
Barbarian. Schwarzenegger may be an abysmal actor and
the movie rather juvenile, but it's a very good source
for Gloranthan mood.
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