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From: Vesa Lehtinen (akuleh@sci.fi)
Date: Tue 27 Jan 1998 - 18:18:21 EET

Nils Weinander
>Oh damn, now I _know_ that somewhere on the lozenge
>there has to be a fat, pompous and utterly insignificant
>little twit of a ruler based on the swedish prime minister...
        Well, I could postulate two Esrolian matriarchs based
of the last two Secretaries of Defense in the Finnish
Government. And current president is surely the antithesis
of Godunya...

>Have you seen the Last Emperor?
>Take a gawk at the beginning
>where the assembled Mandarins bow towards Pu Yi. That's the
>Mandarin audience I was thinking of.
        That's what I would call "official appearance" but
I understand what you mean. And I agree with Stephen Martin that;
>The word "public" can mean different things, and I
>think it is more likely that GoG meant that the common person rarely see=
>Godunya, not that he is only seen by the Mandarins and Exarchs once a
>decade or so
        That's what I thought, too.

>If the Kralorelans do not expect Godunya to care about them
>then why do they acknowlege him as their Emperor?...
>He maintains the Cosmos and
>all Good Things on their behalf. If he does not care, then
>why bother to obey?
        Point taken. Let me rephrase my argument.
How about this one;
        The Dragon Emperor is not directly concerned
about the _mundane_ life in the empire. That=B4s a job for the
mandarins. As far as kralori people are concerned, Godunya
takes care of the cosmic balance - probably with the aid of
Exarchs and other deified emperors like Shavaya. That's
what he does in his seclusion. And because he works with
elemental dragons, he eventually is becoming one as well.
        And if he would begin to concentrate on mundane
matters, kralori would be very worried indeed - "When the
sun is going to fall ?!".
        Nils Weinander commented;
>As long as the Kralorelan Way functions, as long as the
>crops ripen, as long as the waterworks convey water to
>the rice paddies, as long as the judges are just etc etc,
>they _know_ that he cares, because all those things flow
<from the emperor as the head of the dragon empire.
        My point again.

Nick Brooke about my comment about 20th century models
>As advocated by...?=7F
        My original argument about Godunya is with the
apparent idea that a divine emperor would have to fulfill the
same duties as a 20th century statesman. And I still think
he need not. I do use RW _historical_ analogies (and there
are many of them in Glorantha, AFAIK). Kralori subject does
not have the same rights and expectations as 20th century
        And if anybody thinks I think Kralorela should be
utopia, I do not.

>(Vesa's initial is the same as Virgil's...)
        I did not get that ... And I do not compare myself
to some Roman scholars, thank you very much.

Geoff Pocock about Gloranthan 1700=B4s
>You still are in Glorantha, and you still have the geography, the creatu=
>and Elder Races,
        Well, based of KoS, the all magic has disappeared
and elder races either exterminated or driven away...

Frederic Ferro
>But I think the Resurrection may be too easy. The Underworld spirits
>must struggle against the Healer to prevent the ritual. Every
>Resurrection could be a Quest.
        I agree, more or less. That takes us back to "spell tactics"-
arguments, though.
        I have presumed that headhunting is alive and well in
Orlanthi areas where they are fighting Lunars. According to
more than one source, Lunar Army tries to resurrect as many
as possible, side-effect being the increased loyalty (and
probably they try to take care of officers first. But if the
storm barbarian takes your head away, you are out of luck. And
Orlanthi do take trouble of confiscating the heads.
        Other cultures could probably use similar customs.
        Besides, I have noticed that if you use the RQ3 rules for
Resurrection, it is more easy to resurrect low-POW nobodies or
those who have exhausted themselves with extensive
spellcasting than (probably high-POW) heroes. "I'm going to die !
Must cast more spells so I can be resurrected !" How=B4s that for
motivation ...
        As for "whodunnits", that's too easy anyway. Unless the
assassin used Divination Block or something similar, the officials
only need to summon a Lhankhor My or Irrippi Ontor priest with
Knowledge, Mind-Read and/or Reconstruction to solve the
mystery. In fact, that may be one of the reasons those wise-ass
bookworms are tolerated at all...

        And as far as Sartar is concerned, I am not very
concerned. I have no plans to run "the founding of Sartar"-
campaign. But if Sartari orlanthi claim heritage, Esrolians and
Hendriki may claim as well. The problem begins only if somebody
heroquests to _become_ his kin...

Simon Hibbs
>I'm going on the Genertela pack which has regional timelines of events,
>all finishing at 1640, which is given as the default 'curerent' date.
>All the information in the book is given from the perspective of a
>writer in 1640.
        Wow, where did you get that ? Genertela back I know of
extends only to 1620s, and its "current rate" is 1621. Hero Wars
bits rarely have any dates. Special publication ?

        Eric cornils ? Hmmm - a random encounter comes to
mind. I _love_ stuff that gives me inspiration... I rant about "dwarf
paper" later.

Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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