Prostitutes and Uleria

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Date: Wed 28 Jan 1998 - 00:19:00 EET

If I had to choose a celestial court member as patroness for whores, I'd
choose Tylenea - remember Meg Ryan's famous restaurant scene from "Harry and
Sally"? Negotiable Affection is an illusion, with some physical component.

Pam Carlson

>Also, I'm sure there are the desperate/slave/oppressed type prostitutes in
>Glorantha, (just as there are oppressed and enslaved people in many
>professions), but I am certain that they are not maintained by the Uleria

Well, I tried to figure this out for the brothels of Karse. The
Chaosium/Midkemia Press supplement Carse has a number of brothels, three of
which (Margala's, Beth's Baths II, and possibly The Golden Lady) sound like
Ulerian places, while most of the rest sound like slavers' dens rather than
houses of elegant entertainment. I'm a bit puzzled about the unusual
characters of Madame Laticia's (like Peg-Leg Peggy) catering for a rough
sailor clientele...

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>Uleria is to love and life as Orlanth is to Air and human organization.

Not quite. Uleria is the (a?) parent of the nymphs (or Shanassae or
Tilntae), in this aspect she is very much the Grower figure in Orlanthi myth
(see Wyrm's Footprints p.34 for the Kethaelan interpretation). Yes, this
does have some visible God Learner influence - Orlanthi myth and religion
has, especially in Maniria.


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