Sedalpists and Godunya

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Date: Wed 28 Jan 1998 - 04:43:48 EET

Philip Hibbs:

>I admit I am no expert on Western matters, that's
>just the impression that I got of malkioni, that they are a bunch of,
>for want of a better analogy, nazis.
>The sedalpists sure seem that way, but how widespread are they, or their
>attitude in this respect?

The Sedalpists are confined to Umathela where they are the majority
of the Malkioni there. Despite their spells, they seem to be far
more concerned with the threat from Fonrit. At least one sedalpist
patriach is allied with elves against the fonritans.

Vesa Lehtinen

> That's what I would call "official appearance" but
>I understand what you mean. And I agree with Stephen Martin that;
>>The word "public" can mean different things, and I
>>think it is more likely that GoG meant that the common person rarely sees
>>Godunya, not that he is only seen by the Mandarins and Exarchs once a
>>decade or so

So? I am not interested in finding 'the original intent' of GoG,
I am interested in finding out what those places are like.

> The Dragon Emperor is not directly concerned
>about the _mundane_ life in the empire. That's a job for the

This would mean that Kralorela is very fragmented politically
as there are at least nine exarchs. In effect, you're

reducing the Emperor to the level of the Pope in medieval
(western) europe or the Japanese Emperor during the warring
states. I do feel that there is some central authority
in Kralorela.

>As far as kralori people are concerned, Godunya
>takes care of the cosmic balance - probably with the aid of
>Exarchs and other deified emperors like Shavaya. That's
>what he does in his seclusion. And because he works with
>elemental dragons, he eventually is becoming one as well.

I think you will find that Cosmic Stabilization usually
occurs through grandiose public events. They're there
to inspire _public_ confidence. Who's checking up on
Godunya to see that he's not slacking off on his Cosmic
Stabilization duties? So far we have had the foreign devils
return by the Seas and the Pentans are pressing into
Ignorance. Those are the sort of omens that presage the
beginning of the end.

> My original argument about Godunya is with the
>apparent idea that a divine emperor would have to fulfill the
>same duties as a 20th century statesman.

The duties of a 20th century statesmen are exactly the same
as the 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th etc century statesmen. Only the
rituals are different.

>And I still think
>he need not. I do use RW _historical_ analogies (and there
>are many of them in Glorantha, AFAIK). Kralori subject does
>not have the same rights and expectations as 20th century

They _should_. Why do you think people called Mao and Deng
emperors? Because they acted for most extents like chinese


- --Peter Metcalfe


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