Godunya, Westerners, Shamans

From: Stephen Martin (ilium@juno.com)
Date: Wed 28 Jan 1998 - 07:03:53 EET

me>>And every emperor since Daruda has proven in the end
>>to be a dragon (except for Yanoor, but we have good reasons for why he
>>didn't make it), so I choose to have faith that Godunya will as well.

Peter>And what about Good Ol' Shang-Hsa May-his-name-be-cursed?
>Obviously proving oneself to be a dragon in the end (or whatever we
chose >to call it) is not the same thing as being a wise, benign and
capable ruler.

Sorry if I was unclear -- I was not counting
Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed, because I do not consider him to have
been a ruler of Kralorela (as I know some people do), and so do not
believe that he ever became a dragon. I still think he was one of the

FDR. But I should have made this clear -- sorry.

I apologize to all for my Service Provider's rude advertisement at the
end of my posts. Unfortunately, I have no way to control it, and indeed
didn't even know they were doing it until just now.


>Peter Metcalfe thoroughly corrects me of my misinterpretation of
>Monsters in the West. I admit I am no expert on Western matters, that's
>just the impression that I got of malkioni, that they are a bunch of,

>for want of a better analogy, nazis.

Well, to disagree with Peter, the term krjalki has been used in the West
for centuries to apply to _all_ the elder races, including elves and
dwarfs. Not all Westerners hold that elves are chaos monsters, but many
of them do.

>The sedalpists sure seem that way, but how widespread are they, or their
>attitude in this respect?

The Sedalpists have nifty spells like With Elf Bow, Smite [Non-Human
Species], and Poison Troll, so they definitely seem on the anti-elder
races/nazi side to me.

Nick Brooke:
>We call him a "Breath Shaman of Umath". Probably he'd be called
>a Kolating by someone with fancy Jrusteli textbooks (or, indeed,
>by anyone whose game started *after* "King of Sartar" had been
>published -- but we used the original name for Orlanthi shamans,
>and it seems to fit)

This is beside Nick's point, but I prefer to think that Breath Shamans of
Umath and Kolatings are slightly different shamanic traditions. Not sure
what the difference is, but I see no need to make them the same. Perhaps
Breath Shamans deal more specifically with Air Spirits, whereas kolatings
deal with a lot of Orlanthi-friendly spirits.

This is similar to the way I think that among trolls there are Kyger
Litor shamans, and there are Dehori shamans, and they are not the same.

Peter Metcalfe
>>The fact that 99% of people believe in a divine being does not make it
>>a few centuries ago the vast majority of people believed the world was
>>flat, were they correct?

>To be pedantic, they didn't. It was a 19th Century myth.

I'm sorry, I don't understand this. It almost sounds liek you are saying
that it is a 19th Century myth, that most of the people of the world
believed the world was flat a few centuries ago.

Stephen Martin
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