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Nick replies to my questions:

> Why do you need to know what *all* the towns look like, unless and
> until it becomes important?

I dont. Your reply gives me what I need to know.

>> 2. Garhound has a contest, Harpoon has a harpoon, anything else
>> interesting in some of these Sun County towns, villages and oases.

> Yes. When you go there and find out what's present, do let us know!

> (A general piece of Gloranthan advice: don't write a place off as
> ...
> we just haven't gone to look at them yet)

Nothing *significant* in THE Glorantha, then?

> 3. Are there any Ducks around?

> Duck pirates prey on river traffic on the Zola Fel below Sun County,
> ...
> can't imagine the Ducks liking the Sun Domers much...

Ok, thanks. Borderlands boxed set [sigh]...

>> 4. [Hector's Yellow] book talks about lions in Prax. Someone should
>> tell the Basmoli - I thought there weren't any lions around here any-
>> more.

>There are prides of lions out in the Wastes: they haven't been seen in
>"inner Prax" / "Sacred Prax" (i.e. west of the River of Cradles) for
>generations. Saying "Prax" when you mean "The Wastelands" is an easy
>slip of the pen, especially for such a well-travelled author. Cf. the
>"Basmoli Berserkers" article in Tales #14, p.16, Animal Description.

Book of Drastic Resolutions 2, p59, bottom, says: "Lions have been
extinct in Prax and The Wastes since before Time began..."

> The Sun Dome Temple grants sanctuary to foreigners, people fleeing the
> "justice" of other societies. It doesn't grant free pardons to its own
> criminal and disorderly elements.

That surprised me, but ok. Sun Dome sanctuary does not apply to Sun Dome
criminals. Seems like there might be another loophole in Sun Dome law
then - just convict anyone seeking sanctuary in the temple of something
or another, then you don't have to protect them anymore.

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