Vows and Illumination

From: Nikk Effingham (eng7nje@arts-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk)
Date: Wed 28 Jan 1998 - 13:13:16 EET

Yes, yet more rules orientated thought. So those who feel allergic
to rules should just hit the page down button now : )

I was thinking about the nature of Vows and Ilumination. D:LoD speaks
of extra power for Illumination - does anyone believe that
Illumination can allow a sorceror under Sandy's rule system to ignore
their Vows like Geases are ignored. This is not to say that the power

that allows you to ignore geases allows you to ignore your Vows,
merely that there is an additional, and perhaps rare, power that
allows Vows to be ignored.

I think it might work on the following rational, that when a sorceror
achieves that level of illumination they become capable of
understanding that personal regimentation and the discipline that is
required of a sorceror is within you always, and that as long as you
recognize that you have this discipline you may act as you will.
Secondly, that Vows are merely artificial reflections of a Wizard
trying to show this discipline of his soul. In other words,
discipline and power comes from something other than adhering to a
set of artificial rules.

I don't believe this would make an Illuminated Sorceror more powerful
than an Illuminated Humakti wandering around ignoring his geases. Nor
do I believe all Illuminates would possess this power. In fact, I
think very few would.


Nikk E.

Nikk Effingham

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