Glorantha Con DU & other nonsuches

From: Adam Betteridge (
Date: Wed 28 Jan 1998 - 14:56:20 EET

Glorantha Con Down Under was even better than last time, I congratulate all
of the organisers (so does my fiance) on the Con. The location was good as
it was a lot easier to get to than MOB's School for little Lunars (no
offense MOB).

    The highlight of the Con was Life of Moonson, if you have a chance to
play I highly recommend it. In our own version I think that Jar-Eel stole
the show, his performance at certain undisclosed events was trully
memorable (How Niel could be so decadent I don't know). To all the referees
I give my thanks as, and especially to the writers.

    As a consequence of Ingo appearence the formation of DUCS has come
about, what is a DUCS I hear you ask. Down Under Chaos Society of course.
Now I talked to Andrew about this after the con and we are looking at
putting together a series of booklets about various subjects, what I ask
from you is some imput as to what you want to see? Scenarios, Stories etc
please let me know.

Cheers Adam B. aka Sor-Eel the Not so Short


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