Myth: The Hero Wars?

From: Maria or Michael (
Date: Wed 28 Jan 1998 - 15:06:03 EET

A wet dream for all Mac-users on this digest:

1) Play the realtime 3D strategy game Myth: the Fallen Lords (from Bungie).

2) Imagine that the game is set in Glorantha, and that you played Sartarite
Orlanthings battling an army of undead erupting from Upland Marsh. Or even
better, that you and your friends played different parties from
neighbouring clans who together, in network play, battled the Upland Marsh

3) Imagine that some game company actually licensed the Myth game-engine
from Bungie and placed it within a gloranthan context, getting rid of the
generic fantasy garbage and replacing it with gloranthan troops and
gloranthan magic.

4) Now you can play the battles and skirmishes of the Lunar invasion of
Dragon Pass in an extended campaign with the same characters.

I'm drooling, and i'm not even good at strategy games. Can't anyone
convince Chaosium or Issaries that this is a Really Good Idea? Sandy,
you're in the business, what do you say?

Michael Raaterova

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