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Peter Metcalfe:
>Given that the current kralori system owes more to the FDR than
>to Yanoor's system, I find such distinctions to be in the eye
>of the beholder. If you must discount the False Emperor then
>you must also discount Godunya.

I am not sure that there is any way for you, me, or anyone to know this.
Since we know nothing at all about 1st Age Kralorela, how can you say
that the current 3rd Age version is based on the FDR stuff?

>Also I've noted that after the Dragon's Awakening Shudder, 'The
>strongest dragon magic of the New Dragon's Ring grew more difficult
>for the non-kralori to evoke and then disappeared, leaving only
>their False Draconic powers manifest'. Now 'in 1120, a flight
>of true dragons came and exterminated the false dragons, their
>prophets, and their followers'. Note that someone big is missing.
>The False Emperor.

>IMO the Dragon's Awakening Shudder removed the false Emperor
>with the effect that the link between the FDR and the true
>draconic powers were now gone.

An excellent suggestion -- reminds me of the story Daughter of Regals, by
Stephen R. Donaldson, in which an image of a dragon is summoned. Since
there is no "Real" dragon in the land, everyone assumes that this image
is an actual dragon, created by the mage. In truth, the actual dragon is
there, it is just hidden from everyone.

If Godunya had existed for much longer than we suppose, perhaps
throughout the entire time of the FDR, it could be that the False Dragon
Emperor (FDE) gained power only by "imitation" of the hidden True Dragon
Emperor (TDE). When the TDE exposed himself briefly at the Dragon's

Awakening Shudder, the FDE was dis-empowered, and either faded from
history, or was quickly swallowed.

An only marginally related question -- does anyone think that the August
Dragon of Kralorela is either a previous emperor in retirement, or a
future emperor waiting for his turn?

Peter corrects me:
>The Chaotic Interlude:
> 'In western Genertela, the word _Krjalki_ means _Chaos_
> _Monsters_, yet western manuscripts from every age refer
> to both trolls and dragonewts as krjalki, clearly a
> misapplication of the term.'
> Cults of Terror p47
>Makes it clear that Krjalki is not just a name applied to
>anything that looks different.

Good point - I misremembered the quote. However, this is specific
evidence that trolls and dragonewts _are_ hated and despised by most
Malkioni sects, while elves and dwarfs are often acceptable, if pitiable.
Given that trolls are, from the pov of most humans, much less human than
elves and dwarfs (in that elves and dwarfs generally don't want to eat
you or your babies, and at least move around in the daylight), and
dragonewts even _more_ inhuman, this makes sense.

Although this is _way_ too Tolkien for me (trolls=orcs), I guess I must
live with it at this point.

Sandy on Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed **

You never say what the Third Temptation is! Although I may not agree with
your version of the relationship between Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed
and Yanoor, I would definitely like to know the full extent of the
problem! Who else were the people of Kralorela to emulate? Who is the
other enemy of the Kralorelans since the Dawn?

What about the Pentans -- is there something about them which
Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed think the Kralorelans should emulate?

** Despite the reckless practices of certain incautious people on the
Digest, it is established religious procedure in Kralorela, and is really
only proper and respectful, to always include the full honorific to the
name of Emperor Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed. Abbreviations of this
title are insufficient to ward off his dangerous influence, and result in
harm to the Empire and our great Emperor
Godunya-may-his-skin-become-ever-golder. Y'all have been warned!

Stephen Martin
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