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Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 08:41:14 EET

Richard follows up:

[other Sun County towns, villages and oases]
>> When you go there and find out what's present, do let us know!
> Nothing *significant* in THE Glorantha, then?

Well, I know for a fact that concealed among the towns, villages and
oases of Sun County are secrets (ancient and modern) of potentially
vast, world-affecting importance; if only you were to go looking for
them. So, yes, there's nothing we know about that's "significant" in
THE Glorantha. Just like there's nothing known to be "significant" in
the Shire at the start of "Lord of the Rings" (even if you polled the
cognoscenti of Gondor, Mordor, and sundry other centres of Those Who
Ought To Know). Feel enabled: don't require that there *BE* nothing;
be joyous that nothing is known (yet).

>> Duck pirates prey on river traffic on the Zola Fel below Sun County,
> Ok, thanks. Borderlands boxed set [sigh]...

You'd rather I didn't answer your question, then?

The first full scenario in the old "Borderlands" was a Duck Hunt in
the North Bog. You can probably build a better version of it from the
bare-bones info in my last post, if you need to. Pinfeather fled from
Apple Lane after a misunderstanding regarding a pawnshop...

>> There are prides of lions out in the Wastes ... Cf. the "Basmoli
>> Berserkers" article in Tales #14, p.16, Animal Description.

> Book of Drastic Resolutions 2, p59, bottom, says: "Lions have been
> extinct in Prax and The Wastes since before Time began..."

And? The "Sun County" ref is a minor one; the "Basmoli" ref is in an
article recently co-authored by Greg Stafford; I don't know the prov-
enance of the "Drastic: Prax" ref. "A foolish consistency is the hob-
goblin of small minds," in any case, as the great Steve Thomas used to
remind us (when defending his layout choices). If you prefer one story
or the other, make your own decision and stick by it afterwards.

> Sun Dome sanctuary does not apply to Sun Dome criminals.

It would, you will admit, be rather unusual for Sun Dome law to include
a provision sparing all Sun Dome criminals from its effects; especially
given the "cruel and unusual" nature of the Count's doubtless divinely-
inspired Yelmic Justice. Who would not appeal for sanctuary, if it were
possible to do so?

> There might be another loophole in Sun Dome law then - just convict
> anyone seeking sanctuary in the temple of something or another, then
> you don't have to protect them anymore.

Gotta get them out of sanctuary and into a place they can be convicted,
first. But this sounds like a potential scenario-driver (or scandal),
if you want to make use of it that way. Do you think Yelmalio would be
happy about such an abuse of sanctuary, BTW? (Cue visions, nightmares,
spirits of reprisal and the hoary ghost of a righteous Monrogh...)



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