Divination limits

From: Pasanen Panu (passo@students.cc.tut.fi)
Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 11:34:51 EET

 Chris Pearce wondered:
> What happens if a priest attempts to discover mysteries of the faith
> through Divination? For example, Ginna Jar is a mysterious Lightbringer
> figure, but Orlanth knew her. Logically, one should be able to ask
> Orlanth about her. What keeps such mysteries hidden?

 The Compromise. If Orlanth didn't tell to his worshippers about other
 gods before Compromise, he can't now neither. Lhankor Mhy actually
 might tell something about Ginna Jar for a succesfull DI.

 Erik, you did fine job writing all that mostali-stuff. Thanks
 for reminding me why do I dislike mostali.

 Panu Pasanen.


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