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Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 11:26:48 EET

Stephen Martin:

Me>>Given that the current kralori system owes more to the FDR than
>>to Yanoor's system, I find such distinctions to be in the eye
>>of the beholder. If you must discount the False Emperor then
>>you must also discount Godunya.

>I am not sure that there is any way for you, me, or anyone to know this.
>Since we know nothing at all about 1st Age Kralorela, how can you say
>that the current 3rd Age version is based on the FDR stuff?

There are several extant writings which you have publically referred
to at the Victoria Lore Auction that indicated that Kralorela in the
first age (or before the God Learners came) was full of primitives
and hsunchen. Given that these lands are now heavily urbanized it
follows that their culture is closer to the society under the God
Learners/New Dragons than it was to the Good Old Days.

Secondly the idea that the Exarchs after the War in Heaven turned
the clock back to arrive at first age style government seems to me
implausible. The Third Republic never returned to France nor the

Weimar Republic to Germany after the Second World War (not even at
1989). And yet the interregnum those countries had was far shorter
than the Kralori under the God Learners.

The Exarchs when they fled to Bliss in Ignorance and set up the
new Kingdom of Wisdom were aware of God Learner and New Dragon
ideas and the need to develop responses to those ideas. To ignore
these ideas and wait until the FDR are gone leaves them open to the
possibility that the FDR might decide to expand into the Kingdom
of Wisdom. Given that they have already had their arses kicked
once, this is not a wise strategy. Therefore they must have imitated
some of the ways of the FDR and rejected other concepts. They may
have covered this up by rediscovering the secrets of the burnt books
but the fact remains that they have _changed_ because the Old Ways
are obslete.

>If Godunya had existed for much longer than we suppose, perhaps
>throughout the entire time of the FDR, it could be that the False Dragon
>Emperor (FDE) gained power only by "imitation" of the hidden True Dragon
>Emperor (TDE). When the TDE exposed himself briefly at the Dragon's
>Awakening Shudder, the FDE was dis-empowered, and either faded from
>history, or was quickly swallowed.

Why do we need to suppose all this? All this does is perpetuate
the myth of that the Old Ways are All Good and the Ways of the
Invaders are All Bad. Dara Happa is no poorer for having had
foreigners being acclaimed as Emperors on the Footstool and indeed
we can trace many changes to these foreigners. Barbarians have sat
in the thrones of Seshnela and Fonritans lorded it over the Umathelan
cities. Why should Kralorela somehow be ultimately pure and
untainted by the foreigners? Wouldn't it be more _interesting_ if
people knew but rarely discussed the possibility that the Dragon's
Awakening Shudder was caused by the Old NDR Emperor passing on having

ruled wisely for many years. After all the Malkioni have similar
hangups with their Church Fathers being God Learners and the Dara
Happans have left several people of their list of Emperors.

>An only marginally related question -- does anyone think that the August
>Dragon of Kralorela is either a previous emperor in retirement, or a
>future emperor waiting for his turn?

The human Exarchs themselves are referred to as Lesser Dragon Kings
which implies that they are also dragons so becoming a Dragon in
Kralorela is no that unusual IMO. I believe that the basic custom
in Kralorela is to find an infant who was born when the Old Emperor
died (and make him pass a few tests to check) and enthrone him as
the Emperor. I do not believe in some pool of old and wise dragons
waiting around for a chance to rule Kralorela. Why would they bother?

>Sandy on Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed **

>You never say what the Third Temptation is!

Is it really necessary? It could after all be a Cosmic Secret.
Shang-Hsa Passed On when he found out and never got a chance
to write it down IMO. I'm sure there's a sect of students in
Kralorela trying to divine the Third Temptation so they too can
shuffle off this mortal coil.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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