Re: Kralorela

From: Michael Schwartz (
Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 12:48:26 EET

While being interrogated by Lunar Coders, Stephen Martin confessed:

>Sandy on Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed...
>You never say what the Third Temptation is! Although I may not agree with
>your version of the relationship between Shang-hsa-may-his-name-be-cursed
>and Yanoor, I would definitely like to know the full extent of the problem!

To me, the answer is obvious from Sandy's text: Shang-hsa's insight
occurred at the precise moment of the Sunstop, somehow achieving mystic
union with Nysalor. The Third Temptation is thus the same temptation
which faces all Illuminates since Nysalor's birth -- Chaos!

Michael Schwartz Ann Arbor, MI USA
"What if life actually *was* fair, and we somehow deserved all the
truly awful things that happened to us?" -- Marcus Cole, Babylon 5


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