Lunar Illuminates

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Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 12:25:15 EET

>>I was thinking about the nature of Vows and Ilumination. D:LoD
>> of extra power for Illumination - does anyone believe that
>>Illumination can allow a sorceror under Sandy's rule system to
>> their Vows like Geases are ignored.
>There's a bit of a dichometry about this for the illuminated
>lunars are known to have geases too (they are called renunciations
>and penances). So breaking a geas or vow shouldn't be an automatic
>consequence of illumination IMO.

I've never played as such that all Illuminates have all the powers.
In fact, the only Illuminate PC I have in my game at the moment has
only a single power, the first one, and he grumbles and groans about
it all the time : ) I would rule that those Illuminates who do not
adhere to their Vows are even more rare than those who don't adhere
to their geases. And anyhow, just because you don't *have* to adhere
to your geases doesn't mean you won't choose to to prove your
devotion to the so-called Light Side of Illumination.

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