Tell em Argarth did it, and he'll be back. Heh, heh heh..

Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 15:17:52 EET

Hi All,

Steve Rennell writes (hope I got the name right this time :) ),

>What are the obvious things for the Lunars to do? (Send out small
>units of experts to try and beat the rebels at their own game?)

 There is always the old ploy used in many Robin Hood productions of dressing up the
sheriff's men (sorry, Lunars) as the rebels and plundering helpless old folks and

 Having killed the only non-pensionable adult in the village (who is always lame), the
bad guys start to ride off. At this point the oldest woman in the village pipes up "but
why ?/ don't take my grand-daughter!/ It's all we have !/ please not the video too !"

 This is the cue for a particularly dastardly villian (the one with the scar) to slap
her down and say "Tell the others Robin Hood (Argarth) did this, he needs food ( &
granddaughters ??) for the cause". He then gratuitously insults her/spits and rides off.
(Boo Hiss !).

 Cut to Sherwood Forest where the Merries gradually become aware of a sea change in
local attitudes towards them as news of "Robins" attrocities spreads.

 Ok so it's pretty silly, but it's always good for at least one episode per series of
ITV (or whoevers) "Men in Green Tights With Bows Fight The Good Fight".

 And speaking of good fights...

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