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Richard asks:

> 3. Are there any Ducks around?

and gets the answer:
> Ok, thanks. Borderlands boxed set [sigh]...

I would note that Pinfeather first appears in Apple Lane as one of the
bandits raiding
Gringle's Pawnshop. So if you can get that piece, you'll have some
statistics to use
for the leader. The only difference in the Borderlands set, that I recall,
is that he has
acquired a jewelled eyepatch.

You could alternately use almost any other duck statistics you can find, if
you want to
use ducks. Another possibility is, if you are playing in Sun County or
Pavis, that there
are just constant rumors of duck atrocities along the river to the south
until at some
point your PC's see a band of ducks in chains brought to Solanthos or
someone else
for justice/execution. Maybe one even escapes to seek sanctuary with the
PC's and
promises big treasures (hidden of course in the North Bog) if they aid him.
Since the

ducks can swim well, they can obviously scour the river bottom for dropped
(probably items dropped by nomads fording or fighting along the river).

Richard also asks:
>> 4. [Hector's Yellow] book talks about lions in Prax. Someone should
>> tell the Basmoli - I thought there weren't any lions around here any-
>> more.
Nick's response:
>There are prides of lions out in the Wastes
Richard notes:
>Book of Drastic Resolutions 2, p59, bottom, says: "Lions have been
extinct in Prax and The Wastes since before Time began..."

You can assume no lions in Prax itself since Time began. Whether they exist
in the
Wastes or not, can be an open question. Maybe someone believes they have
such--it could be True or not in your campaign. Maybe a few have always
existed in
the Wastes or maybe it is some new phenomenon associated with the end of the
Age and the coming of the Hero Wars. Maybe a Basmoli went to the Plateau of
and found a lion-headed giant statue from which he or she gained some
special power.
Or maybe such an event waits for your PC's to achieve?



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