Re: Guerilla Warfare in Sartar and Prax

From: Lee R. Insley (
Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 15:38:11 EET

I think the biggest problem with guerilla type warfare in a clan based
society is that generally, the clan works as a unit when it comes to
matters like this. People don't generally wage war on others without the
*permission* or knowledge of the clan leaders. If people start to wage

this type of warfare on the Lunars, all the Lunars would have to do is find
out which clans the individuals are from and retaliate against those clans
using the logic that they must have supported the action or even initiated
it. People or groups just don't work independently of the clans and the
clan leadership - at least not in my view of the Gloranthan clan societies.

Another problem is that a clans attitude about the Lunars will vary from
clan to clan. Some will be supportive, some hostile, and some neutral.

It's not like modern day situations where nationalism reigns suppreme in
most countries. In Sartar and Prax, each clan (or at least each tribe) is
its own independent *country*. There will always be clans that will *rat*
out and inform the Lunars of who was responsible for which raid. Also,
there are always those clans that will *retaliate* against those clans
which are conducting this type of war. I am sure that most of the caravan
goods being transfered to and from Sartar are tied in some part to a clan's
(or city's) livelyhood. Face it, not all Sartarites or Praxians are upset
that the Lunars are there.

Now, what do the Lunars do about keeping the clans in line. The obvious
one is definately fear of military retribution. I, however, think the
Lunars are much more clever and subtle than that. I have been toying with
the idea that the Lunars will keep *guests* (hostages) from the
clans/tribes major ruling families in their *care*. These guests will

essentially be the Lunars ticket to keep the clans in line without having
to patrol the entire countryside. The thinking is along the lines that if
the clan attacks any Lunar patrol/caravan/etc., the families will never see
these guests again (probably sold into slavery). The Lunars may *show*
these guests from time to time to the clans to prove they are being well
cared for. Of course, the Lunars would not call these people hostages, and
may give them *important* jobs to do such as being interpreters, helping to
collect taxes, helping with census taking, etc. In other words, everyone
knows that they are hostages, but the Lunars would put up a pretence that
they are taking very good care of these guests.

Any comments?



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