Re: Orlanthi on Guerrilla Warfare

From: Lee R. Insley (
Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 19:33:46 EET

Nick Brooke wrote:
>The first one, of course, is that unrestricted guerrilla warfare is
>hardly in accordance with Orlanthi (inc. Humakti, etc.) societal
>norms -- responsible behaviour, duty to kin, social conscience, etc.
>That doesn't mean that psychotic or aberrant "rebels" won't try it
>on; it *does* mean that, faced with a choice between assisting such
>neo-Gagarthi types (who put themselves outside Heort's Laws by their
>actions) or treating them much as you'd treat an invasion by broos,
>troll raiders and similar undesirables, the "average" Sartarite is
>unlikely to support the guerrilla-style rebels.

I agree with all of Nick's points about the Orlanthi and Guerrilla warefare
and believe that by and large this type of behavior would not be seen in
Orlanthi society with one major exception. Wouldn't the Eurmali be prone
to use this type of tactic? It has always been my opinion that these
(early 1600's ST) are the times for the Eurmali to thrive and prove their
*great* benefits to society. Personally, I see Eurmali who are anti-Lunar
working underground and such. Since they really don't belong to a clan (at
least IMO), it would be more difficult to trace responsibility through
them. This of course assuming that the Eurmali are much more than just a
bunch of thieves and tricksters and are actually beneficial to society
(which they must be - right?).



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