Re: Orlanthi Honour; Illuminates; Piratical Ducks

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Thu 29 Jan 1998 - 19:43:42 EET

Panu defines Orlanthi honour, apparently:

> Salting (or mudding) water and spirits (lowers soldiers morale, too!)
> Burning stuff, like houses, tents, horses in stables. Killing pack
> animals. Stealing anything worthwhile, like ropes, armor, weapons.
> Killing servants, dogs, plants. Poisoning stuff.

Sounds like fun. We Lunars prefer the decisive certainties of fixed
battle, man against man: the clash of arms, the inexorable thrust of
the phalanx, the cunning interplay of rival generals' strategies, all
leading the thrill of a well-earned victory. Still, each to their own:

I guess that's why we rule the Greatest Empire Glorantha has Ever Seen,
while other barbaric cultures (those dog-killing, horse-burning types)
never climbed out of the ditch they were born in. :-)

Nikk writes:

> I've never played as such that all Illuminates have all the powers. =

> In fact, the only Illuminate PC I have in my game at the moment has =

> only a single power, the first one, and he grumbles and groans about =

> it all the time : )

Maybe that's *why* he hasn't developed any more Illuminated powers? :-)
(Compare with the known difficulty of becoming Illuminated if you
*want* it too badly).

Harald suggests:

> Maybe [a Duck Pirate] even escapes to seek sanctuary with the PC's
> and promises big treasures (hidden of course in the North Bog) if they
> aid him. Since the ducks can swim well, they can obviously scour the
> river bottom for dropped treasures...

"Yeah! That's right! Just you strike off these chains now, and I'll swim
down to the bottom of the river, and fetch up the Lost Treasure of Cap'n
Pinfeather! Don't worry if you don't see me surfacing for several minutes=
us Ducks can swim *really* well..."

(Thinks, as the chains come off: "So long, suckers!")



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