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Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 00:01:20 EET

Lee R. Insley:

>Wouldn't the Eurmali be prone to use [guerilla warfare]? It has always
>been my opinion that these (early 1600's ST) are the times for the
>Eurmali to thrive and prove their *great* benefits to society. Personally,
>I see Eurmali who are anti-Lunar working underground and such. Since they
>really don't belong to a clan (at least IMO), it would be more difficult
>to trace responsibility through them. This of course assuming that the
>Eurmali are much more than just a bunch of thieves and tricksters and are
>actually beneficial to society (which they must be - right?).


On the off-chance that it wasn't a joke, to even think that an
Eurmali could contemplate being an anti-lunar partisan misses
the whole point of being a trickster. Besides the Eurmali are
so disorderly that the Lunars would have to mutate into the
Keystone Cops for the eurmali to have some chance of success.

Philip Hibbs:

KR>>One problem you will tend to encounter in most books that talk about
>>guerilla warfare is they tend to romanticise it, in several different

>What's wrong with that, from a roleplaying point of view? Too much
>realism can be a bad thing. Robin Hood *may* have, in real life, been a
>murderous, uneducated thug, but would you roleplay him that way? No,
>he'd be a hero, and the Sherriff of Nottingham would be the murderous
>psycho, because that's the way the legend is told.

But Robin Hood never managed to put the Sherrif out of a job. Whereas
we're talking about successful guerilla campaigns. A big difference

Richard Develyn:

>The pirate ducks in Zola Fel is, on reflection, something I would have
>liked to have known about, since I think it provides a significant
>detail about adventures in that area. It's an arguable point, but I
>think their effect goes beyond the scenario level.

<Monty Python>

Luckily We didn't tell him about the Five Eyes temple.

</Monty Python>

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