Guerillas in the midst

From: Steve Rennell (
Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 01:47:46 EET

Hi all,

I don't have time to reply to a lot of it so far, except to say I
agree with a lot of the points (After I wrote it I thought I
remembered that spreading disease is one of the absolutely
objectionable activities the Orlanthi object to, and the Humakti

will never go for the ambushes,)

I also disagree with some of the comments, but mostly on stuff that's
not much to do with Glorantha, and so I'll restrain myself.

I'd like to point out that my model was more Cyprus gaining
independence from Britain than Vietnam. That I had underestimated the
importance of Argrath's lighting the fire of Sartar to prove his
right to do stuff, and some people have particularly pointed out how
completely unpleasant the Lunars can be. (thanks Panu)

One particular line got me though...

Nick Brooke <> writes:
> Starbrow's and Argrath's Rebellions were open, honest,
> tribal uprisings (with magical and priestly backing and support),
> not furtive, underhanded, prolonged and embittering secret
> campaigns.

>From KoS (From memory) Argrath in Pavis with his secret ring is
wandering around doing unpleasant nastiness to various Lunars, and
discovers that someone in his Ring is dobbing him in to the Evil Bad
guys. So Argrath chops him into little bits, forms a new ring, and
says "That is how we deal with scumbag informers". Sounds to me like
at least that Argraths rebellion started as a furtive underhanded
(I'm not sure about the embittering) secret campaign, neh?

Thanks to Peter Metcalfe for pointing out the Roman techiniques for
dealing with uprisings, and most importantly the overwhelming
problem of the internecine strive of the Praxians and the Sartarites.

I still want my characters involved in the beginnings of the
Rebellion, It had to start somewhere - when did the Argraths begin
gaining support so that they could scrape together enough people to
defend the cradle, and enough support so that all the tribes would
rise to throw out the Lunars ("If the tribe next to me rises up, and

we don't then when the Lunars stomp them, I might get some more land,
or if we rise up, and the tribe next to us doesn't then we'll get

Love some suggestions. (If this has been done to death before, point
me at the old archives, and I'll go looking.)



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