Sun County Questions

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G'day all,

Sun County Questions

Richard asks:

A few Digests back, Richard asked a number of questions about Sun County. I
started a reply, but Nick beat me to the punch and covered all the answers
admirably. while I heartily concur with what he said, I'll add just a few

> 1. Can I use Garhound (which I know is outside Sun County) as a basis
> for all the other equally sized towns around.

As Nick says, if you like! Garhound's got a earthern wall around it, but
settlements in these parts will most likely take advantage of any natural
features that offer protection from the hostile nomads, eg. cliffs, the
river, etc. The prosperous market town of Queenscliff, for example, is
located on a bluff above the river. The squalid village of Weis (pop 30 and
dropping) however, isn't - and it hasn't got a wall either, which is why the
nomads waltz through like they own the place.

> 2. Garhound has a contest, Harpoon has a harpoon, anything else
> interesting in some of these Sun County towns, villages and oases.

Yep, and they're all just waiting for someone to write about them! Mike
Dawson explores guilty secrets and shameful goings-on in a forgotten Sun
County hamlet in "Shadows on the Borderlands", and in the latest issue of
QUESTLINES (plug, plug), Jane Williams tells us that the Goldbreath family
control the tiny hamlet of Southfork, where they have made their fortune
from "black gold".

> 5. It looks looks like Solanthos IronPike holds court inside the
> Sun Dome temple. How come people don't scream for Sanctuary as soon
> as they're convicted?

As Nick says, it's because the Sun Dome offers sanctuary to those fleeing
*outsider* "justice". And as it says in SUN COUNTY, Count Solanthos takes
the concept of Sanctuary very literally, and poked the eye out of one asylum
seekers when he impertinently flew in over the temple walls on a sylph.

Richard responded to this with:
>Sun Dome sanctuary does not apply to Sun Dome
>criminals. Seems like there might be another loophole in Sun Dome law
>then - just convict anyone seeking sanctuary in the temple of something
>or another, then you don't have to protect them anymore.




>From the Notes from Nochet files:

[1621 ST XXVII-42] Who was Gallegos? He was the Sun Hero who was granted
immortality and omnipotence so long as he did nothing. Such is the reason
that the declination of his star since his apotheosis in the western heavens
remains fixed, and neither twinkles nor fades, not even in the full light of
day. Might it ever change? Only Gallegos could tell us, and he cannot answer.

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