Re: Guerilla Warfare in Sartar and Prax

From: Stephen McGinness (
Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 10:17:09 EET

Lee Insley wrote fairly convincingly about how the
Lunars might maintain clan co-operation in Prax
and Sartar, and on some of the reasons that
individuals would not participate in raiding and
guerilla warfare.

He then went on seemingly to contradict all of the
above by providing a way for Eurmali to become the
rebel forces. As far as I can see many would
consider the Eurmali outside of the law. If the
Lunars did come to complain I could see people
from all clans shrug their shoulders and say
"Eurmali, what can you expect." This would be a
neat way around the hostage situation, as the
Lunars are unlikely to precipitate large scale
retribution by clans for "disposing of a few
hostages" for reasons that would not be accepted
by the clans.

I could even see clans surreptisciously help the
Eurmali by leaving useful goods unguarded that
would be "stolen" by the wretched tricksters then
ultimately used against the Lunars.

I _like_ the idea. It would make a very
interesting campaign, and I think a group of
tricksters might be pandemonium to referee!!

Stephen McGinness


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