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From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@voyager.co.nz)
Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 13:05:50 EET

Chris Pearce:

>the lore-bound impersonal Gods of Peter Metcalfe's campaign,

Just to clarify, I don't believe the Gods are lore-bound and impersonal.
What I do believe is that the Gods appear to their worshippers according
to the worshippers own expectations. If one believes in an aloof and
impersonal god, then the god will be aloof and impersonal. But if one
believes in a personal god who breaks conventions then the god will behave

>There seem to be several approaches to understanding Glorantha. One way
>is to read every snippet of out of print material, go to all the
>conventions, memorize utterly unapproachable* fictional resources (King
>of Sartar, Glorious Reascent of Yelm, Entekosiad), and then somehow
>resolve all the contradictions in the material. This is the Way of
>Another way seems to be to read and use what you can and make up
>whatever seems cool for what you can't find out about. This is the Way
>of Sandy.**

I really follow Sandy's Way. It's just that I read and use what
I can to a much greater degree than most others/humanly possible
(strike one) but I still make up the rest.

Jim Gould:

>When was Knight Fort built in Prax? Who did it? And where is it; my poor
>eyes can't see it on any of my maps. I can make up answers to these, but if
>there's a semi-canonical source it would be nice to be enlightened.

The best map of it is found in either Nomad Gods or the Map of the
Holy Country in the Runequest Companion where it's labelled the
Marcher Barons. The description of it can be found in Drastic: Prax.

I don't know who built it but my guesses are either the God Learners
when they controlled God Forgot and/or the Pharaoh. It could have
even been a recent construct dating from King Richard the Tiger-hearted.

David Weihe:

>The chal-
>lenge for any Free Sartar movement is to undo the fractionating effects of
>the Alakoring Kingship rites, and change their society back towards the older
>Heortling model of clans the size of Sartari tribes, tribes the size of all
>Sartar, and at least the beginning of nations.

The real irony is that a large group of Orlanthi are already doing
this: the Tarshites. The Lunars still have clan groupings but the
tribal groupings appear to have disappeared in Tarsh in favour of
kingdoms. I'm not sure however that the clans were the size of
Satari tribes in the old days before Alakoring.


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