Guerrilla heroes.

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Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 13:05:42 EET

Steve Rennell:

NB>> Starbrow's and Argrath's Rebellions were open, honest,
>> tribal uprisings (with magical and priestly backing and support),
>> not furtive, underhanded, prolonged and embittering secret
>> campaigns.

>From KoS (From memory) Argrath in Pavis with his secret ring is
>wandering around doing unpleasant nastiness to various Lunars, and
>discovers that someone in his Ring is dobbing him in to the Evil Bad
>guys. So Argrath chops him into little bits, forms a new ring, and
>says "That is how we deal with scumbag informers". Sounds to me like
>at least that Argraths rebellion started as a furtive underhanded
>(I'm not sure about the embittering) secret campaign, neh?

That is not (in most people's gloranthas) *the* Argrath who becomes
Prince of Sartar. That is _a_ (different in most people's gloranthas)
Argrath who liberated Pavis and was known as Argrath of Pavis. He
doesn't even claim to be Garrath Sharpsword. Even then Argrath of Pavis
claims to kill the traitor in self-defense after an arguement.

Secondly Pavis is a special case because people can hide out in
the Rubble and not suffer lunar reprisals against their kin because
they have none. The minus of this is that is that one tends to
have very little popular support. Argrath of Pavis is only able to
gain power after he lets nomads in through the gate and allows them
to plunder the city.

>I still want my characters involved in the beginnings of the
>Rebellion, It had to start somewhere - when did the Argraths begin
>gaining support so that they could scrape together enough people to
>defend the cradle, and enough support so that all the tribes would
>rise to throw out the Lunars

>From the Cradle scenario, most of the defenders aren't there because
they are in Garrath's band of merry men, they are there because they
are looking for a chance to put one in the eye of the lunars. They
are mostly disaffected sartarites.

The tribes didn't rise up to overthrow the lunars - the dragon ate
up the lunar army and most of the important lunar sympathizers thus
effectively delunarizing Sartar.

If you want to do a resistance campaign, then the best place to start
is be members of the disaffected sartarite community in Pavis and the
Rubble. The chances of reprisals are less coz they are mostly lowlife
adventurers. Eventually your players will become known to many
potential Argraths (Prince Argrath, Argrath of Pavis and perhaps
Argrath White Bull). When fortune starts turns against the lunars, your
PCs will be trustworthy characters whom the many Argraths can ask to
perform a mission.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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