Re: Orlanthi on Guerrilla Warfare

From: Simon Hibbs (
Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 13:33:59 EET

Lee R. Insley :

> ....................... Personally, I see Eurmali who are
>working underground and such. Since they really don't belong to a clan
>least IMO), it would be more difficult to trace responsibility through
>them. This of course assuming that the Eurmali are much more than just
>bunch of thieves and tricksters and are actually beneficial to society
>(which they must be - right?).

The only Eurmali I know of seem to be pretty much anti-everyone-else and
pro-self. Have a look at the trickster cult write up, I'm afraid the
'heroic saviour of the people' aspect seems to have been unacountably
dropped from the published version.

Basicaly, trickters are mean, selfish, cowardly, vindictive bastards. I
wouldn't rely on their sense of loyalty or responsibility. It's just
that sometimes it's usefull to have someone like that around.



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