Re: Eurmali *Heroes*

From: Lee R. Insley (
Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 17:37:41 EET

Simon Hibbs:
>The only Eurmali I know of seem to be pretty much anti-everyone-else and
>pro-self. Have a look at the trickster cult write up, I'm afraid the
>'heroic saviour of the people' aspect seems to have been unacountably
>dropped from the published version.
>Basicaly, trickters are mean, selfish, cowardly, vindictive bastards. I
>wouldn't rely on their sense of loyalty or responsibility. It's just
>that sometimes it's usefull to have someone like that around.

Has the aspect of Eurmal as a hero been dropped? I thought Eurmal was a
key person in the Lightbringer's quest, and essentially was feeling quilty
about the suffering he had caused.

I think people misinterpreted my point about Eurmali being adept at
guerilla warfare in Sartar. I did not say that they are necessarily
working for any particular clan or tribe or agenda - I believe I indicated
the opposite. They would essentially be out to create havoc for the Lunar
establishment, probably getting a kick out of the confusion they would
cause. Isn't this typical Eurmali? Would it be a double-edged sword -

yes. Would they work for or take orders from any leadership on the
anti-Lunar side - no. Would they work from a logical detailed plan and
coordinate actions - of course not. Would it be a true guerilla action in
the common terms - obviously not. The *warfare* the Eurmali would conduct
would be much more obnoxious and much less militant. Maybe they
continuouly spred rumors and back them up with grand tricks. Maybe they
trick a band of Broos to attack a Lunar patrol or caravan.

I am sure someone would argue that they are just as likely to do the same
kind of things to the Orlanthi themselves. This is partly true - but don't
the Orlanthi (or at least Orlanth) maintain some control over the Eurmali?

In any case, there is much more of a link with the Orlanthi than with the
Lunars. I contend that the Eurmali in Sartar have it both ways under Lunar
rule. They can be seen as unlikely heroes to their own people (the
Orlanthi) and still carry on their uncivilized behaviour against the Lunars.


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