Holy Country Futures

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 18:50:00 EET

I asked Nick for more info about the Holy Country after 1625 except the
1628 event (which is mentioned in Minaryth Blue and the Saga), and
Peter said:

>Surely the two details confirm each other? After Harrek and Argrath
>made peace (and Harrek was promised something big), the wolf pirates
>did not follow up on their planned sack of Heortland and thus Minaryth
>Blue notes 'no combat'?


The Wolf Pirates raided Heortland, and King Brian of the Volsaxi was
slain (terminally) by Harrek. Argrath (still nursing his wounded pride
after Kallyr lit the Flame) saw a chance to gain a better power base and
had his supporters rally patriotic Orlanthi support, e.g. Jarang
Bladesong who recruited among the Colymar (including Minaryth Blue), and
went to Heortland with these troops. Rather than to have a battle decide
the outcome of this venture, Argrath offered personal combat to Harrek,
and survived long enough to lure Harrek away from the plunder in
Heortland by offering him greater wealth to plunder, and with his
assistance rather than opposition - Muse Roost, Ethilrist's hoard of
plunder from Ralios, Hell and Peloria.

Harrek finally heard "more gold" and agreed to a truce. Argrath became
very popular in the Holy Country for averting the Wolf Pirates, and (in
the Saga only) was made High King of these lands.

I am far from convinced that Argrath the Wolf Pirate (he who knew Harrek
intimately, and had been resurrectable after opposing him on board of the
Cradle, probably even knowing weaknesses in Harrek's way of fighting)
became a political leader of Kethaela. He may have served as the main
warlord against major outside aggression, although there are no accounts
of his fighting against the Ditali and Solanthi - maybe that's where he
redirected Harrek in 1628, reminding him of the Ditali role in the battle
of Pennel Ford, and suggesting that he take vengeance there.

If he married (or wooed) the Feathered Horse Queen #7 in 1629, the
support of the Holy Country in this endeavour may well have been his main
reward - and his chance to outdo Kallyr.

But what happens in Heortland, Nochet, or Esrolia after this? When do the
Waertagi land in Refuge? What does Harrek do about their presence? What
other feats did the subcommanders of Argrath mentioned for Yoran and
Dwernapple perform before rising to these ranks?

I have practically more information on Kethaela after 1640 (the events
during the reign of Inkarne) than for the period between 1628 and 1640.


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