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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 21:39:41 EET

Placing their trust in Tricksters? Now we *know* the rebels are
out of their minds!

Panu neatly demonstrates the cohesiveness and unity of the Sartarite
tribes, in a related post. A pox on the Poss, anyway.

Peter wrote:

> I don't know who built [Knight Fort], but my guesses are either the
> God Learners when they controlled God Forgot and/or the Pharaoh. It
> could have even been a recent construct dating from King Richard the
> Tiger-hearted.

My guess: a GL-era Western-style fortification, empty some of the time,
and most recently occupied by Richard the Tiger-hearted. He and his men
could have been hired by the King of Heortland *specifically* to guard
the desert frontier against hordes of Praxian nomads (those yipping
Impalas, whooping High Llamas, grunting Bison and all their ilk). Think
of Fort Zinderneuf... Plus, of course, Richard's place in "crusading"
imagery, inevitable given his uninspiring name, is fixed if he can be
campaigning in a desert country... neat source of imagery if nowt else.



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