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Date: Fri 30 Jan 1998 - 21:55:09 EET

Stephen Martin he say:

> Michael Cule, Actor and Genius, is a Genius:

(It's nice to be appreciated....)

> And nobody on the Digest ought to be able to object to this, since there
> is Gloranthan precedent: Good old Snodal of Fronela found a map of the
> future made by Zzabur, and set about trying to change the fact that most
> of Fronela was under water.

While I think that Zzabur's map could have been an operational plan, what the
party in my game has found is definitely fallen through from a future. Is the
fact that it fell through at Refuge, a town which was founded by the Trickster
and has the only full sized Trickster temple I know of hidden beneath it (ING
of course) of significance? Only time will tell.

> However, you now have an obligation -- the results of this discovery IYG
> need to be as dramatic and earth-shattering as were Snodal's!

And this probably means that I'm going to have to find a way to write my HQ
rules down.

But first they are going to have to decide whether to keep reading, whether to
destroy the book (which would be the wisest course: no honestly...) or what.

If they read the book all the way through they will discover that Argrath will
tear the Moon down. And perhaps only Argrath could. But they will also discover
what the world will be like after Argrath has finished. And I don't expect
them to like that at all....

And the process of reading it will cause certain problems in the mentality of
the scribe translating it....

If they do nothing the ordained path will happen. If they were to warn Kallyr
what Argrath is up to (if they can figure that out from the biased texts in the
book) would she be able to do what King and Prince Argrath did?

Can they ensure the end of the Evil Empire AND prevent the destruction of the
gods? Can they discover the cause of the Illiteracy Plague? Can they figure out
who the Harshaxes are?

Heh. Heh.

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