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Peter Metcalfe wrote

> To thrive off a elf forest, one has to be a hunter/gatherer

I'm not convinced of this assertion. I suspect that the "Orlanthi" of
Umathela practice shifting cultivation, also known as slash & burn
agriculture. This is a sustainable form of horticulture (at population
densities greater than hunter-gathering but less than sedentary

Note that you can't just start colonizing new parts of the forest -- you
have to have permission from the elves, and most likely you can only clear
areas that were previously cleared (or perhaps places that have never been

and also

> > It is also said that humans have
> > driven trolls to their homelands from some places.
> I can only find _two_ instances of this occuring, one in Ralios
> (Corolaland) and one in Kralorela (Coromandol). So to blame the
> humans 'putting away' the Uz to their current locations is
> farfetched.

An obvious example is Dragon Pass, extensively occupied by trolls during
the Inhuman Occupation. While they didn't explicitly force trolls
somewhere, they did for the most part expell them from Tarsh and Sartar.

Frederic Ferro asked

> why don't the White Ladies resurrect everyone they can, even
> poor peasants ?

1) They probably can't resurrect very many people
2) By giving priority to those with money (nobles, rich adventurers) they
gain resources with which to help the poor
3) resurrection is not always a Good Thing. A significant number of the
resurrected become Humakti afterwards.

In the search for a definite yet vague Glorantha timeline, don't forget the
past! We know the general outline of what happened before 1620, but there
are an awful lot of holes. (In fact, this was one reason I ran the original
PenDragon Pass campaign -- I had some nice big events to give a sense of
history, and which players could be part of, but had lots of room to fit
the PCs into, and little chance of being contradicted.)

The story of the Red Goddess is nicely summarized in Greg's talk at the
first Glorantha-Con Down Under, now available in Questlines II (available
as soon as your Megacorp rep returns from Australia).

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