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Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 01:16:42 EET

Thanks to Nick and Mike for your replies, though I have a few more
questions / suggestions I'd like to pose / make.

It's a process I'm beginning to think of calling Probing Gestalt
Glorantha (PGG for short). Gestalt Glorantha (GG) is how I'm beginning
to think Glorantha is conceived (i.e. as a product of, but somewhat
exceeding the sum of, the ideas and beliefs of the participating
Gloranthaphiles). I've yet to finish thinking this through but I'm sure
you can see where I'm coming from.

Anyway - all help, hints, pointers, etc, gratefully received.

First of all looking at the idea of ancient things kicking around the
area: before Sun County it was part of Pavis County, Pavis not long
built was being ravaged by giants. Previous to this there were horse
nomads living here from Pent, and before that normal Waha/Eiritha
nomads. Were there ever Hsunchen here (apart from Basmoli)? Could there
be things hanging around from these previous populations?

No mention is made of when the first cradle floated down - only when it
was first spotted by a Jrusteli. Could there be an ancient cradle stuck
in the North Bog? Is anything much known about these old cradles?

The Solitude of Testing was a time when there was a big troll dominance
in the area. Could it be that at certain points the Sun Domers were
pushed right back, maybe even over-run? Could if have happened that they

were forced to fight a guerilla warfare to get their land back, and that
the current Sun Dome temple is in fact the third in the area (the second
having been burnt to the ground by Zorak Zorani trolls)?

Going to the current day I have a problem in not having this Giant
Cradle scenario. It would make sense to me to set my campaign just after

it happened. Could you please give me some guidelines as to how the
political situation would have changed? What is Solanthos likely to be
trying to do now and who's likely to be trying to do things to him? Has
Sor-Eel gone, for example, and how are things likely to develop?

I don't necessarily mean to take up a lot of your time with this - just
give me some political guidelines that I can use.

A few other odd issues.

I take your point, Mike, that nothing has really been figured out for
most of the places in Sun County. If there's anything at all that you
can tell me about any of them then it'll help me get more of a picture
together. If you really have nothing to add then I can just start making
things up using the names as my only clue. Haymon's Gate, for example,
is obviously a gate across the road of some sort, but it's well within
Sun County lands so it probably dates back to some time when it was at a
boundary between one place and another. Yelm's Griddle sounds
interesting (!). I can work from nothing, you see, but I'd rather work
from something, especially if it's something which might exist a little
bit in GG (Gestalt Glorantha).

I notice that Yelmalions don't get on with dwarves. It would seem to me
that dwarves could try to undermine the currency of Sun County using
some sort of fool's gold.

I don't quite understand why some nomads are friendly to Yelmalions, and
some hostile. Is it just a per-clan/tribe/family thing?

Is there any kindred between Griffins and lions or Basmoli?

I'm slightly confused by the colour code on the map at the front. Is it
supposed to be Green=Fertile or Green=High Ground? I thought the former
until I realised there was no Green next to the rivers.

Many thanks

- --
Richard Develyn


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