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Patrik Sandberg wondered

> Is there anyone who has any ideas or theories about how the
> Sartarite kolating (shaman) fits in their tribal society as of
> the 1620's?

My guess is: poorly. He's probably the hermit who lives in the wilds. He
may have an apprentice who helps get him food, and he no doubt collects
gifts from folk. (Possibly larger gifts than the RQ3 rules imply, since he
doesn't necessarily get them often.)

Their rarity probably helps explain why they have no standard place.

Steve Rennell wrote of Guerilla Warfare in Sartar and Prax. The Kree
Mountain supplements (unpublished, but available at Glorantha-Con auctions,
including the one in May; they're the source for Roan-Ur), is a campaign of
just such a resistance movement. Of course, you have to deal with the fact
that Orlanthi don't get along well with each other -- surely if an Orleving
knew a Varmandi was part of a guerilla movement, he'd snitch. (And would
probably snitch even if he didn't now...) The Lunars would surely exploit
this (in fact, the Orleving are no doubt Lunar sympathizers because of the

I agree with those who think such a campaign isn't likely to inspire noble
and honorable player characters.

Dan wrote

> Chaosium will turn their new Glorantha RPG into what the
> original RQ strove towards. That is, if they ever get the darn project
>off of
> the ground!

1) It's Issaries, Inc. who's doing a new game; 2) It is in fact off the
ground -- Robin Laws is working on it as we type.

Lee Insley wrote

> They would essentially be out to create havoc for the Lunar
> establishment, probably getting a kick out of the confusion they would
> cause. Isn't this typical Eurmali?

No doubt. But so is betraying their clan to the Lunars. Heck, that's
probably even more fun, the trickster can get back at those bastards who
outlawed him in the first place. Even if you think Eurmal is controlled by
Orlanth, remember that about half his tricks backfire on himself...

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